I just want to bury and nestle my face into someone’s neck, wrap them up into my arms, and pour all of this love that’s trapped in me onto them. I want them to sweep me up into their arms and squeeze me like a little kid, thirsty for affection. What does one do with this love that’s bottled up in them? Some things and some people like to shake it up, get it all bubbly and fuzzy underneath its top but never twists the cap to let its explode and run over. I’ve never needed the relief like this before. I’ve never had a part of my heart heal like this and not have someone to relenquish all of the goodness on to. Sometimes there’s this dull ache in the pit of my chest that I can usually ignore. But not today. Not as of lately. 

Where are you? I need you to latch on, quickly place your mouth on this cap and suck some of this love out of me. Take some of it out of me. I’m going to burst.