Day 15 of 30

Bullet point your whole day.

  • wake up randomly — sometimes on my own if not alarm going off at 830
  • lay around in bed and watch tv TRY to eat breakfast
  • get out of bed between 10-11 to get dressed for work
  • leave the house between 11-1145
  • work from 12-8 depends on the day sometimes its later
  • come home eat something
  • lay down and watch tv
  • eventually pass out



Day 14 of 30

Post your favorite movies that you never get tired of watching

  • clueless
  • slc punk
  • pride and prejudice
  • wedding singer
  • austin powers trilogy
  • a bronx tale
  • dazed and confused
  • crazy/beautiful

Day 13 of 30 (playing catch up again)

What are you excited about?

  • seeing A Perfect Circle with my friend Alex Thursday night…I don’t get to see her often but somehow we’re always going to concerts together…one of my oldest friends
  • applying to an online creative writing program from a school that I trust in Houston
  • partying with some of my favorite crazies Saturday night

Random prompt

Saw a friend on facebook post about a writing prompt that I felt crazy compelled to do so I interrupt my daily challenge to do this prompt. Let’s see how this goes…

Write marriage vows to your fear or your vice.

Death. All these years I’ve never liked you. I get why you exist, I get why you happen. I grapple with accepting what you are everyday of my life, to try to find some comfort in you. I know that one day you will come and put my mind at ease, show me that things aren’t so scary with you and after you. I know that you will reunite me with people that I miss, that I love. I do vow to you, death, that I will accept you. That one day I will not be so afraid by you. That you will show me that I’m in a better place with you, as some people say. That the world won’t be dark and we will be able to exist together.

Day 11 of 30

Something you always think “What if…” about.

I laugh. What I always think What if about is…what if I was still with my first boyfriend, my high school boyfriend. I often think that if he and I were still together AND if I stayed in Richmond out of high school and not go to Blinn, I think we would have kids and live somewhere in Rosenberg. I probably wouldn’t have finished school or even gone at all. But then again, I would hope we not fall into the trap that is getting stuck in your hometown. I would hope we would go off and travel together or move away and be young and adventurous. But yeah I always wonder what life would be like if we were still a couple…how long it would last, or if we would be married. That boy used to be my universe…wonder what his life is like now.