First line prompt #3

“The house wasn’t the same to her anymore…”

She looked upon it broken shutters and dirt ridden windows with angst. How did this happen? It only had been a few months since she left the city, abandoned everything she cared about. And the house reflected the neglect. No one she knew bothered to keep up with it anymore? She could only imagine what was waiting for her once she got inside. The thought of creatures scurrying across the floor made her skin crawl. What a tragedy. The grass had grown up, filtering through the cracks and crevices of the fence, the wood warped and rotting away. The walkway barely visible; she needed to take a weed eater to this growing jungle. The buzzing of locusts and other bugs hidden in the greenery filled her ears as she tried to unlatch the rusted gate. Once she was successful, she used her feet to clear the sidewalk of debris. Broken tree limbs and empty water bottles she knocked to the left and right of her. She may not be able to handle what’s waiting inside. 

Once, she lived in this home. She took care of this house, haunted with too many ghosts of her past. Eventually she got tired of the voices taunting her, packed up her things and disappeared. She entrusted her best friend to at least drive by to make sure no one was squatting inside. Turns out she was lying about the condition of her old home. It wasn’t until the homeowner’s association finally got a hold of her to tell her she had to come back and handle it. They threatened to tear it down; she should have let them but something compelled her to at least try. Maybe the voices were gone by now. 

She was startled to see that the Victorian styled door knob was polished and shiny. She hesitated, curious as to why this was the only clean item on the whole entire home. And who would take the time to clean just the door knob. She almost knocked, worried that someone was here but how could that be? The thought motivated her to push the door open. The scent of clean laundry almost sent her running back out the door to the sidewalk. She gulped, trying not to gasp, trying to comprehend what she was seeing. A cognac leather sectional perfectly centered in front of a 60 inch LED television, a throw folded neatly over the arm. Living rooms walls white as snow were decorated with tiny framed mirrors. She used the front door as support. She felt faint from the sheer shock. The stairs were polished. The carpet fresh and so clean you could sleep on it. She almost reached over to see how soft it felt but a sound from the kitchen caught her attention. 

“Surprised?” a baritone voice echoed down the hallway. 

What could she say? She was too astonished to voice any kind of opinion. How could any of this be possible? And who in the hell was this man in her home? 

“Your friend sold me this place. Said that you up and left it to leave some voices behind. Well, are they gone?”

She hadn’t even noticed. 

“You can come in here if you like. I’m harmless. Don’t even own a gun. Are you armed? Hell, I wouldn’t be mad if you were. You come here to find out that this place isn’t abandoned at all and that a strange man has moved in at made it his own…you know what? I’ll just come to you.” 

She scrambled, suddenly alert, hands fidgeting at the door handle to escape. She didn’t want to see this man, didn’t want to witness that someone else made this home. She needed to leave but it was too late.

“Oh no don’t go. Shit I’ve scared you senseless. I mean I didn’t expect you just to just pop up here. She was supposed to be interfering with the homeowner’s association and…”

She quickly turned towards him, feeling him reach out to touch her elbow. He jerked his hand away, regretting the notion. First thing she noticed about him was how much taller he was than she. If she had to guess, he was about 6’5. Second, he had the softest brown eyes she had ever seen. He wore khaki dress pants and a white t-shirt. No shoes. No socks. Very clean feet. A perfect shade of brown skin. Very clean and flawless face as if he wore makeup. How did he end up here?

“Uh…” she coughed to clear her throat, “what the hell?”

He looks at the floor with laughter, flashing the shiniest, whitest smile. “Yeah I haven’t worked out in the yard yet. I was still gathering materials to tackle that…insanity…out there. Shits crazy right? I don’t even know where to begin.”

He waves his hands around as he tries to find the words to explain the yard. She looks upon him in amazement. She needed so many answers. She needed to punch her friend in the face for keeping this from her. She glanced over the living room once again, loving the look, that something so modern came from him. He follows her gaze slowly, opens his mouth, ready to explain but before he could mutter a word, a stream of questions,

“Who are you? How the hell did you move into my house? What did my friend actually tell you prior to you moving all your shit? Did you really expect me not to return? Did you not think this could possibly be a dick move on your part?”

Soft brown eyes blink. “Well I’m Patrick. I know you’re Bre, Veronica did tell me that. She also told me that you left the house under her care and when she couldn’t take care of it anymore, she told me I could. It is a beautiful place I couldn’t let it go to shit. I threw her a few grand before I moved in. She made it seem like you knew something about it but by your actions…I guess not.”

He fixed his mouth to say something else but shut it. She could see he felt shitty about it all but he didn’t know what else to do or say. Maybe if she didn’t stand like a frightened doe, he would try to make her feel at ease a little bit. Awkwardly they stood in the entry way, avoiding eye contact. Now she was feeling shitty for her behavior towards him. It wasn’t his fault that she wasn’t truly filled in on what was going on. Besides, she left this place to rot. He wasn’t going to allow it. She should show him some appreciation for that at least. She lightly pushed herself from off the door and relaxed her shoulders. 

“Patrick? I’m sorry. I – I just don’t know how to respond to all of this and it’s not your fault. Uh the place? It looks wonderful I expected the worst from outside but when I walked in, it took my breath away. All of it I mean it’s really beautiful…”

She trailed off as she saw him beam from the compliments. She also couldn’t get over how beautiful he was. Her thoughts began to wonder about his marital status or if he had a family. Who thought she would come here and discover all of this, discover him? 

“I’ll give you grand tour.” He escorted her into the living room, after removing her shoes at the door, and told her of his journey to his new home. 


You’ll never be him. 

It was their fifth date and she still didn’t feel all that comfortable with him. It was hard doing the things she used to do with her ex in a relationship this fresh. So far they kept it simple with coffee dates and a lunch in the park. Today he wanted to do lunch then visit a museum. She lingered behind him, watching him strut as he reached behind him to pull out his cellphone. She wondered what he was doing as she looked at his Vans roll over the pavement. 

“Want to look at the menu?” He looks over his shoulder at her, catching her checking him out. He grins, “What are you doing back there?”

“Nothing…” she chuckles, “yeah let me get a look at that menu.”

They were trecking through a small Montrose neighborhood, ducking and dodging low hanging tree branches and bushes that lined the sidewalks. She quickens her pace to walk beside him. She likes that he looks at menus before he ate like her. I mean she does like him, but he’ll never be him. No one will. The dudes before him she couldn’t connect with. No matter where they went or what they did, she couldn’t get past a few weeks with them. This dude is a little different. The brisk air whips around her face. It makes her shiver. Without a moments notice, he pulls her closer to him. She couldn’t resist to smile. Something else she liked about him. She scrolls up and down the menu, gawking at how pricey the plates were. 

“Are you sure about this place?”

He laughs lightly. “I knew you were going to ask. It’s fine; get whatever your stomach desires. No price too large today.”

She glares up at him, suspicious as to why he would spend this much money on a lunch. Maybe he is just trying to show off, which is unnecessary. She’s never been that type of girl. And it’s only their fifth date. 

“What are you doing dude?” She asks slowly, ready to interrogate. 

He shakes his head. “Nothing. I’m just treating you to lunch, no biggie. Don’t make this into a thing.”

You don’t know me.

She continues to glare at him. He cracks up as soon as he catches her glare. It comes from deep in his stomach. She liked the way he laughed. As he tries to catch his breath, they stop in front of a quaint building that technically looked like someone’s home. No name or address on the building. She continues to glare, lips pursed to hold back her own laughter, and he grabs her by the shoulders. 

“Look, if you want, we can go somewhere else. Although we’re right here. I mean we’ve walked a few blocks…and it’s a nice day out. I told you not to make anything out of it. But there you are, glaring at me like I’m about to take advantage of you. You’re so silly.” 

His laughter has finally subsided. She liked that he could see through her silliness. She also liked his caramel skin. In the sunlight, it glows, making him look majestic. Along with that smile, he dazzled. He runs his thumb along her jawline, knowing it would make her blush. No he wasn’t him but he made her feel good. She thought that she would never get that feeling again from someone. She liked that about him. 

“Okay,” she sighs, “let’s go inside and see if it’s worth the money yeah?” 

He smiles. “Good.”

He starts up the walkway and she follows behind him, watching him saunter up to the door. He glances back at her again, enjoying the fact that she watches him walk. And she does it so entitivley. What is she thinking about while she does that, he wonders. 

The lunch was magnificent, which she wasn’t expecting by the looks of the place. Where in the hell was the kitchen that produced these amazing plates in this tiny home? They were full to the brim and were questioning should they even bother walking back to the car, let alone walking the museum. He ordered more drinks and offered her desert. 

“Dude really? You honestly think that I could eat another bite of anything? I’m about to struggle with this glass of wine.”

“Hey I just wanted to throw it out there. They had a slice of cake that caught my eye…thought maybe you’d want to share. So how are you feeling about the museum?”

She takes a sip from her glass. “I don’t know. Can we not sit her for a moment and just chill? Oh and if you’re really about the cake order it. We can take our time…”

Shortly, a chunk of carrot cake appeared before them. With a sly smirk, he announces, “I already ordered it.”

They laugh as they reach for the desert forks that the waitress placed in front of them. He wasn’t like him, no. He could lie back and converse. And they had lovely conversations. They could talk about anything and he held such useless knowledge that she didn’t know about that she stayed intrigued. Between nibbles, bites and sips, they learned more about each other. Simple things like favorite colors, if they had one artist or musician they could be friends with who, personal goals, and argued about who the better boy band was. She always found herself beyond pleased with their conversations. She watched the way his mouth moved with certain words, how he would smile when she asked him a question he wasn’t expecting, how he gazed upon her when she spoke of something she cared about. God you’re not him…could you be better than him? But it was too soon for her to think about that. This was only date five…no telling what could happen within the next few weeks. They might not even make it to date six or seven. Just stop and enjoy the now. 

She took the fork to the plate to get the leftover icing and bits of cake. He smacked her hand as it went towards her mouth but she never lost her grip.

“Hey! Who said you could have the last bit of the cake?!” 

She giggled as she licked the cream cheese icing away from her lips. “Oh you wanted that?”

“That’s my favorite part.” He smacked her hand again. 

“Ow! Hey!” She smacked his hand in return. “You ate most of the cake anyways.”

“But you were too full remember?”

“Hence why I ate the scraps.”

“Along with little bites here and there.”

“You did say share.”

He went to smack her hand again but she moved it in time for him to miss. Soon they were in a full slap hand battle. They giggled and yelped as they smacked each others hands. It went on for about a minute before he was out of breath from laughter. Soon the waiteress came around the corner with the bill, as if she was done with their cute banter. She reached for her wallet but he stopped her. She then remembered he said that lunch was on him. Maybe she will buy him some drinks later. After he settled the check, he grabbed her hand to help her stand and escorted her out of the tiny restaurant with a gleeful smile. He was thoroughly enjoying her company and wasn’t afraid to show it. He wore his smile like a badge of honor. 

Once they approached The Menil, their atmosphere changed to more calm, relaxed. They walked towards the entrance side by side, his fingers gently tangling themselves into hers. Her fingertips tingled in excitement. The day that began mostly groggy turned into sunshine and beauty, the crisp wind still flowing through her hair. They decided to do a roundabout around the building. It made her think of him, all the times they just circled the building in the summer, talking and admiring each other. She rubs her right arm in comfort, thinking about what he could be doing right now in this moment. She missed him like crazy but he kept pushing her to do other things with other people. All he wanted for her was to live her life without him. She really tried but in most cases, she bailed, not ready. She hated for it being that way and no matter how hard she tried to fight, the ex kept her attention. She rubbed her arm in rememberance. And before she could fall in anymore, he swoops her up in a strong embrace. Sometimes she wondered if he could read her that well or if she was showing too much face. 

For some reason, The Menil was like a library, influencing you to whisper or to be silent. So they don’t speak as they voyage through the galleries, sheepishly smiling at each other and grazing each other as they past. She stood and watched him gaze upon a piece she was familiar with and wondered what he was thinking. She took in his stature and height, admiring his build. He stood at 6’4, not too skinny but not too muscular, long and thickish. He turned to the piece on the adjacent wall; her eyes follow. She wondered if she could really fall for someone without always comparing them to her past. It was an inner battle that she was constantly fighting. Never intentional…just hard to know something else. Eventually, he pulled himself from his thoughts from the art on the walls, feeling her eyes studying him. He wiggles his fingers down by his left side, anticipating hers. Soon, they’re about his and they navigate to the next room. She meekly blushes as he looks down upon her with admiration. He could voyage a museum with her for days on end. 

Was it possible to already like someone like this so soon? The things she was doing to his body, to his heart was so new to him that it felt damn near imaginary. As if he was dreaming or high. He was swelling up with infatuation and lust, any tiny touch could make him burst. That’s why he hasn’t kissed her yet. He knew once he did, he would explode into a blue cloud of magic. She made him feel dizzy on what love could feel like. It was all too brand new. He never knew a girl could make him feel this good. 

They jammed Sugarcult’s first album on the way back to her car. Not wanting to embarrass herself after such a nice outing, she just hummed along, proving that she knew this album like the back of her hand. He kept looking over to her, impressed that she even remembered this album let alone the band. He swells up even more. There’s a slight awkward moment once he’s pulled up behind her car. She unfastened her seatbelt and turns towards him, getting ready to hug him good bye. Arms ready, he wants to turn and kiss her on the cheek. She goes in, thanking him for the day. The timing is off and he ends up kissing her ear. She jumps to the unexpected attempt and ends up head butting him. They both his in pain. 

“Jeeeeesus. Sorry about that..” She runs the side of her head. “Did you mean to kiss my ear?”

Flushed, he mumbles, “No I was trying to kiss your cheek. Sorry…shitty timing…”

The pain subsides and she’s cracking up. He was still too embarrassed to find the humor in what happened. She notices and grabs him by the chin.

“Hey it’s ok. Look,” she turns his head slightly to the right and places a gentle kiss upon his cheek. “See how easy that is.” She smiles, stifling a snicker. He can’t hide behind his red cheeks any longer. He looks down at his lap, trying to escape the light behind her eyes but she doesn’t allow it. She lifts his head, making him stay eye to eye with her. Suddenly, tension was building in the car, making the air dense. A smile played about her lips as she inched closer to his mouth. “And this will be just as easy…” And with not with the slightest bit of hesitation, she kisses him. And he doesn’t explode into a blue cloud. 

First line prompt #2

“It would only be a fling – she wasn’t about to break up the happy home…”

It would only be a fling – she wasn’t about to break up the happy home. She knew exactly what she was getting herself into when she noticed his ring, hand wrapped around a beer bottle. She was bored; her friends left her sitting at the bar all alone. They told her to come out then bailed due to work early in the morning. Besides, she needed some entertainment. And he was entertaining her back. His grey lumberjack beard made her fantasize about pulling it in a dark alleyway as they made out. He seemed way out of her league. Dressed like a GQ model, he couldn’t be someone’s dad and/or husband. He had a level of sophistication about him…like a CEO or owner of a kickstart that soared within a couple of weeks. Maybe it was just the three piece, slim cut tailored suit he wore. She admired him as he took a swig from the Shiner bottle, little drops of beer still about his lips. She licked her own in anticipation. She knew going to a lounge in town would get her more sophisticated men, some that could be in shit marriages or just recently divorced. Or her favorite: the husbands who have permission to go outside of their marriage. She figured with her new found age, she needed a new group of men to be interested in.

“How old are you anyway?” A quizzitive brow asked her.

“How old do you think I am?” She usually hates such a dumb and corny line but again, she was bored. He smirked either in humor or annoyance.

“Don’t you hate when people respond with that question?”

She scoffs out of slight embarrassment, “Of course. I was just being funny,” she swirls the ice around in her empty glass, “I’m thirty. A fresh thirty years…like my birthday was last week. Celebrating a little later than I wanted.”

“How come?” Beer bottle back at his lips.

“Didn’t want to turn thirty. I was living in a state of denial.” She shrugs, remembering her day of tears and loneliness. Her friends and family were begging her to escape her apartment, that turning thirty wasn’t the beginning of the end but in her mind, it was the worst.

“Well how old do you think I am? You may be surprised.”

She was starting to love that silly grin about his mouth the more they talked. Is it wrong I want you to be thirty and single like me? She thought to herself. She giggled.

“How old do I go before you feel insulted?”

“Your cut off is fifty…but only because I often get mistaken for fifty. Apparently grey hair ages you.”

“Ah I see. Well if I have to guess…under fifty…I’ll say you’re…thirty-six…?” She studies him over once more, considering his skin, the lines around his eyes, his hands that laid on the bar.

“Hmm…pretty close.”


“Just a smidgen.”

“Okay. Thirty-niiiiine-ish?”

It really doesn’t matter. She’s ok with the end game no matter his age. She was going to ride him til the wheels fall off then leave him with a drunken memory. She was imagining him undressing slowly, showing her that he still had it. That his careless wife at home wasn’t going to appreciate him like this. That she doesn’t like to watch him get undress. That she doesn’t like that once he’s down to his boxer briefs he grabs her tightly by the wrists before shoving his tongue inbetween her lips.

“Bingo.” He points to the bartender and orders another Shiner. “Does that bother you?”

“Thirty-nine? No, no…why the grey beard?”

“I’ve been greying since I was twenty-three. It’s a natural thing. I’m salt and pepper up here,” he points to his perfectly sculpted hair that’s been gelled back, “and here,” points to her future pull toy, “but won’t lie I dye the beard. I tried it once just to see what it would look like and fell in love with it. It gives me a…sort of look.”

So he knows what he’s doing. It’s not necessarily a ploy or gimmick…he just knows it can get him what he wants on occasion. He knows women will stare and wonder and the intrigue will pull them in. It made her wonder how many times has he done this. How many times has he returned late to his home. His wife is an idiot.

“Would you like another gin and tonic?” He points over to the bartender again. Why not, she thinks, I can’t wait to tug on that beard while you pound me.  

“Yeah that’s fine. Thank you. Well now that we know how old each other are, where are we doing this? Hotel? My place?”

He choked on the abbrasivness of her question. “Get to the point don’t we?” He takes the napkin is bottle was resting on to cover his coughs.

“Just want to be sure we’re on the same page here. You caught my interest when you sauntered in, tailored and tall, knowing every woman in the room was breaking their necks to see you. And once my friends all dispersed, I saw you point me out by shyly looking over your shoulder towards me. You knew you were about to break every lady’s heart once I sat next to you here. You had just as much as a plan as I did tonight. Fate? I don’t know…maybe I just got lucky. So answer the question: my place or not?”

Around 3:36 a.m., she was awoken to him trying to slip out of her bed. With her being a light sleeper, it was impossible for her one night stands to leave without waking her. If she liked them, she would offer a late night/early morning breakfast at a diner she likes to go to. If not, she would watch them get dress and leave, locking the door once they were out on the street or in their car. But this guy, she liked. And the sex was just like she imagined while they spoke at the bar. It was just what she needed to usher in thirty. He put every piece of the suit back on. Not one wrinkle or piece of out of place as he looked himself over in the mirror. He reaches in his coat pocket for a small container of beard balm. He strokes it over the grey hairs, looks over at her in the mirror and with that goofy grin of his, tugs on it. She laughs.

“Would you like a late dinner? Or early breakfast? Whichever.”

Slipping on his coat he says, “I wish I could but I’m avoiding a ‘Where are you?’ phone call. Thanks for offering. You didn’t have to.”

“It’s part of my system. I liked you. The ones I like I take them out for breakfast.”

“Don’t cook?”

“No…too intimate.”

They laugh as he walks to her side of the bed. “Thanks for the fun. If you find any loose grey hairs about you know why.” He kisses her slowly. “Maybe I’ll see you around?”

She shrugs. “You never know. I may be in another crowded bar of women begging for your attention.”

“And I may pick you again. You never know.”

First line prompt

“As he opened the car door, there was a loud…”
…cackle. He paused, one foot out the car. 
“Sorry dude. Didn’t mean to laugh.”

His friend Jack was an idiot. He needed to remember that. He was about to put his neck on the line for some random chick he met weeks ago at a bookstore. He didn’t need his best friend mocking him. This wasn’t in his nature; he felt awkward as shit.

“You’re a dick.” He pushed himself out of the passenger seat on to the busy sidewalk. A group of teenage girls rushed past him, giggling. It felt as if everyone in the city knew that he was possibly about to make an ass of himself. A couple looked him over as he stood in front of a resale shop, straightening out his shirt. The young man gave him a head nod, slight encouragement. Peter returned the nod with a grin. Somehow that’s exactly what he needed. He walked into the store. The door chimed loudly as he walked in, putting all the attention onto him. Confidence dropped four points. He panned the store. No customers, just a few employees scattered throughout the racks of merchandise. But he doesn’t see her. He lets out a groan, great now I have to actually speak to someone about her. After few hours of Facebook stalking, he found her and where she works. He hated to admit that that’s how went about tracking her down but wasn’t that the way people did things nowadays? He walked over to men’s section of the store. 

Girls loved to be mysterious these days. When they meet a guy that they don’t know if they’ll ever see again, they like to give out as little information as they can. Just a name. Or just a location where you can possibly find them later. So they, as single dudes, have to take to social media and lurk through profiles and friends of friends to find this one mysterious girl. All she gave him was a name and her place of work. He was familiar with her place of work, having shopped here for random button shirts. How could he have not noticed her before? 

She was standing in the Science Fiction section of the bargain bookstore, reading spines of vampire books. He was wandering around in the section adjacent to her, trying to find a romance novel to send his mom just because. A new tradition of theirs since he moved away from home. Between glances of reading spines, they kept making eye contact. Few smirks here and there. He thought nothing of it, just someone being polite. It wasn’t until he heard someone say, 

“You’re probably the only guy I know my age that camps out in the romance section.”

She stood behind him, tippy toed, looking over his shoulder at the spines. 

“Oh. Uh no see…its for my mom. Each month I buy her a new romance novel I think she’d like.”

“Oh…that’s cute…”

They sat in an awkward ten second silence, still reading the spines, waiting for something to jump out at them. He was timid to turn and make eye contact with her. Thought it would scare her away.

“This is the one,” she says as she reaches over his shoulder, pulling a book off the shelf a little too his left. He turns to retrieve it from her grip. 

“Oh wow. You would pick this.” 

She’s placed a romance novel of vampires and death in his hands. 

She frowns, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I mean…you were standing in the sci-fi section for a while. So of course you picked a sci-fi love story. She might like it…I don’t know if she’s ever read about vampires. It’ll be different. Thanks for helping.” He looks at with her with his award winning smile. She couldn’t resist the urge to smile back. She was his.

“It’s no problem. I’m Jenna by the way.”


He was loathing having to ask someone if she was here. Then it would be known that he went out of his way to find her. Then he would just happen to land on creeper status and never get anywhere with her. So it’d be best just to act like a customer, do some shopping, until she comes around. Being the only customer was hard to ignore. The girl behind the register who was reading in her kindle kept peeping at him. Was that her? He really couldn’t remember her face. A friend of hers? Maybe she talked about their meeting. Was he looking suspicious? He kept panning the room over, waiting for her to appear. Is she checking him out? How awkward would that be if her coworker came to flirt with him when she walked into the store. He continued to shuffle through the rack of shirts, palms getting sweaty. It felt like he had been in the stores for hours. He looked out the store window, wondering if Jack was still sitting out there or gone about his day. Low and behold, Jack was standing outside of his car, eating a hot dog, looking back at Peter. A shit eating grin appeared on his face. 

“Make your move already dude!” He shouted, pieces of hot dog flying onto the sidewalk. A lady almost got hit. She shoved him.

“Are you finding everything ok?” A familiar voice embraced his ears. Quickly, he looked to the other side of the rack, ignoring Jack’s hooting outside. Jenna stood grinning like a fool, pleased that he finally tracked her down. 


The girl at the register with her kindle began to laugh, shaking her head.

“Ah…no…uh…” The jig was up. 

“Look I know you shop here. I’ve seen you before the bookstore. That’s why I walked over to you. How’s your mom liking the book?”

He began rubbing his disgusting, wet palms on his jeans. “Uh she says its interesting…to say the least.” It was part of an ultimate plan that he had no clue about. He felt embarrassed but in the end relieved. It took a lot of the pressure off. She stood before him, holding back laughter. He seemed to be the last in on the joke. He didn’t know what else to do but stand in disbelief. She knew of him all along.

“Dude chill. I guess you can say I lured you back here. You’re good. I think you’re super cute. Tell your mom it gets better. So…what kind of button up shirt are we looking for today?” 

Finally, he smiled with a light laugh. “Something nice for a first date..”

“Are you scared?”

“Of what?”

“You know…of everything.”

He glances over to her, puzzled. She grins and shrugs as the wind throws her hair about. They were on one of their whims trips. “Hey do you know what we should do right now?” They have a lot of those…what we should eat right now…what we should listen to right now…where we should go right now. As long as someone said “ok.” They were traveling down the freeway, decided to hop to another city. She loved being his passenger; something about sitting beside him always soothed her. She felt as if it was somewhere she belonged. A band played quietly, the sound of the fury wind almost made it seem nonexistent. Texas highways always made trips seem longer with its fields, trees, and endless skies and clouds. Sparatic houses lined country roads. It was steady. Calm. She looks him over. He lightly drums the steering wheel with his finger tips. He glances over to her again.

“What are you thinking about over there?”

She shrugs, “A lot. How I get scared sometimes.”

“Of what hun? Tell me.”

She didn’t know where to begin. Life in general. Her future. His future. Their future together. Are they going to make it to this city safely…the list goes on. Her mind moved so quickly. But really, she was scared of their future. Which was silly of her to tie the two of them together…I mean they weren’t a “they” but in a way they were. 

“Scared of losing you is one thing.”

“What?! What do you mean?”

She shakes her head, feeling stupid for saying anything about this but she can tell him anything. It’s just that easy. And it was true. With the way time moves, anything could happen.

“You know…you not being around. In my present…you making an exit…in any way possible.” She turns to look out the window. “Like it’s hard to imagine you not around…and when I think about that time, it scares me. Makes me sad…” 

It was a series of broken thoughts. She left out a lot of what she wanted to say because in a way, she felt weird expressing this to him. It was never anything she really wanted to say aloud. Just shit she thought about when she was living in her head. He rests his hand on her thigh. It was his small gesture to show his feelings. Each time it meant something a little different. It made her tingle. 

“I know it sounds silly –”

“No I get it.” He grins. “I feel the same way too. I’m lucky to have you in my life.”

When he says shit like that she fights back a big smile. To hear him say things like that made her feel particularly special. But it was only like that with him, no one else. He made her feel like the exception. 

“It’s just…well –” she chuckles, “I don’t know how to really explain it.”

He laughs along with her. “No need.” 

He squeezes her, gently, expressing understanding and longing. She bit her bottom lip, holding back her cheese. For a moment, they just looked at each other, smiling and giggling. Just the two of them on this Texas highway made everything seem so perfect. And right. And that’s all they needed. 

Random writing prompt

He opened the door to find her standing there, crying. 

He opened the door to find her standing there, crying. She was nude, dress blanketed her bare feet. He was curious as to why she was standing there, naked and crying, but he wasn’t sure how to approach her. She must’ve heard him come in right? But she didn’t move, didn’t acknowledge him. He stood awkwardly in the doorway and watched her. He opened his mouth to speak but before he could call out her name she says,

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me…”

That took him aback some. “Wh-what?”

“I was here, ready for you to take me and I just bursted into tears. I don’t know why.”

She started to calm herself, her breath slowing. He had spoken to her early that morning. She seemed fine then, wanting to come over as soon as he could but he had errands to run. She didn’t say what for and didn’t seem urgent. A bit of guilt ran over his skin; maybe he should have came when she asked. Seeing her cry like this pained him. But what happened? 

“Was it something I did? Maybe I should have came when you said…”

“No, no…you’re fine. I just think I’m under a lot of stress but not doing anything about it you know? Like just suppressing it…”

Finally, he leaves her doorway to blanket her in comfort. He still wasn’t too sure what was going on. She hadn’t told him much about what was going on with anything but maybe he wasn’t on that level yet. They only had been seeing each other for a few weeks now. He met her in a Half Price shuffling through romance novels. He gently swayed her back and forth as she composed herself. 

“So is that why you called me? To relieve some stress?” He asks with a smile, hoping it would lighten the mood. 

She laughs, “Actually yeah…just wanted to beat you up some.” 

“Ah I see, I see…I don’t mind being your punching bag…especially in your bed.”

He ran his hands down her soft arms, showing that he was there for her. He was in no mood to have sex with her. He felt right now, in this moment, she needed way more than that. In the few weeks of knowing her, he grew to care for her and he wanted to show her that. It’s not always about physical intimacy. He was hoping she could read that right now. And right then, she squeezed him while nuzzling into his chest. There it is: the next level. He steps away to pick her dress from the floor.

“Here. Put this on. Let’s go have a drink. If you want to talk about it, I’m all ears.”

She grins as she takes the straps of the dress from his fingers. She slips it on and says, 

“Yeah actually that’d be great.”